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Prior to starting Louie’s Delivery Service in 1999 Louis Lee worked for Eastman Kodak Company for over 30 years as a shipping, logistics, and marketing specialist.

Always pursuing new things, and loving personal relationships with people, Louie entered law enforcement to serve his community as a Livingston County Deputy Sheriff Special, working part time until 1969 when he was recruited by the Avon Police Department as a part time patrolman retiring in 1992.

Louie's love of people and customer service inspired Louie to create a successful career in the wholesale automobile market, after retirement.

Finally in 1999 Louie started up Louie’s Delivery Service, delivering anything from small packages to large machinery on pallets around areas such as Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, New York City and surrounding areas. Louie has constantly grown and improved Louie's Delivery, expanding to neighboring states, and adding top-notch personnel. Recently Louie's Delivery partnered with Verizon Wireless to implement a state of the art digital work-flow reducing paper and increasing productivity

Louie takes pride in his work, making complete customer satisfaction and personal customer service his primary goal.

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